Coaching is a powerful support that enables someone to discover and summon their resources to resolve an issue or to successfully manage a project, through finding their own solutions.

The coach is a catalyst, a facilitator who helps hatch ideas and approaches that the coachee has not been able to see before.

Coaching is not something that you can make up as you go along. A structure, a framework and an agreement between both parties offer the assurance that any such support follows the International Coach Federation’s (ICF) code of ethics.

Each coach is unique. Both their professional experience and their individual life journey engender unique and diverse coaching styles: Zoom, Socratic walking, online or simply face to face.

The coachee’s awareness grows thanks to the power of the paradoxical, systemic or symbolic approach, stories, metaphors or equine-supported learning.

EquiPower is a unique programme in France. It combines the symbolism of the ‘Hero’s Journey’ with the power of equicoaching.

The Co-Development format enables each participant to find creative solutions to his/her questions thanks to collective intelligence.

Gundula’s exceptional sharp eye and straightforward questioning style helped me see the answers that were right there in front of me, ultimately helping me to become a better coach.
Erik Kerkhofs – Microsoft

I am the master of my destiny, the captain of my soul
Invictus, William Ernest Henley