a modern-day nomad
Born in Germany and spending my youth there before taking the leap to the United States to join The Walt Disney Company. Arriving in France for the opening of Disneyland Paris, I become a mother, embrace French culture, and eventually lead a business. Since 2024, I have made Italy my home.

Today, my biography is adorned with 4 countries, 2 continents, 2 nationalities, 4 common languages, 2 children, 3 books and a plethora of stories and experiences to share.

Working with companies and government agencies across Europe, my clients often express surprise at my approach, which seamlessly blends pragmatism, playfulness, dreaming, and subtle perceptions. I inspire them with my storytelling talent, drawing from both my personal and professional experiences.


ou are

at a crossroad
yearning to chart a new course in life, to follow the “neo-via” – a path that both intimidates and excites you, a little, a lot, passionately.

You seek a welcoming space to lay down your doubts, weigh your options, and let your creativity flow. Play, draw, envision, narrate your story – the one you currently live and the one you aspire to create. Allow yourself to perceive, feel, and embrace your emotions, doubts, and fears, empowering you to embark on a path that truly resonates with you.

The unique space I create offers you a fresh perspective, illuminating your dreams in a new light and encouraging you to grasp your courage with both hands as you pursue the path that ignites your inner fire.