Disciplined and disruptive in equal measure,
Gundula combines a Master’s in Business Coaching with her awesome inspirational approach.

She held a corporate management position before founding and becoming the director of her own company. She’s German, and lived in the United States before settling in France. The exuberance of the Walt Disney Company plus the deep insights of coaching. Throughout her life, she’s known how to break with the past and create a new present for herself.

She now wants to put her life experience and her career as a trainer and coach to work for the benefit of her clients.

Her special talent? Making complex situations simple and getting to the core of the matter. Surprising you with an unexpected way of seeing things. Making what’s invisible to you, visible.

Her promise to you? Accompanying you to achieve your ambitions.

Working with Gundula offered me a natural path for evolving and reaching my potentials.
She is able to understand your point of view with incredible clarity and effectiveness offering you different solutions and viewpoints to your problems, literally illuminating your mind. I wish everyone to have this experience, sparking the mind and moving to the next chapter of your life.
Dr. Felice Vanin – European Space Agency

Nothing is created, nothing is lost. Everything is transformed.
Antoine Lavoisier