disciplined and disruptive in equal measure

Transformation is my passion
Starting as a corporate professional, then becoming the founder and manager of my own company.
German by birth, with experiences in the United States, settled in France, and now in Italy.
Harmonizing the enchantment of The Walt Disney Company with the profound wisdom of insightful mentorship.

Throughout my life, I have bravely embraced change, breaking free from the past and transforming it into an exciting new present.

My clients often express surprise at my approach, which seamlessly blends pragmatism, playfulness, dreaming, and subtle perceptions. I inspire them with my storytelling talent, weaving tales from my personal and professional experiences.

Storytelling is my cup of tea
I create immersive worlds that provoke reflection since 2010. I open windows, invitations to escape reality: “Bubbles of Happiness,” a blog with over 500 stories encouraging a break from the mundane, my Instagram account with inspiring quotes, and the “Inspiration Expresso” podcast (fr only).

Working with Gundula offered me a natural path for evolving and reaching my potentials.
She is able to understand your point of view with incredible clarity and effectiveness offering you different solutions and viewpoints to your problems, literally illuminating your mind. I wish everyone to have this experience, sparking the mind and moving to the next chapter of your life.
Dr. Felice Vanin – European Space Agency

Nothing is created, nothing is lost. Everything is transformed.
Antoine Lavoisier